G (and me) at 10 months

October 10, 2018

First, some announcements:

1) WordPress conversion / blog makeover is underway!  I am excited to have finally invested in this project.  I don’t know exactly how long it will take, but I suspect that by December at the latest this site will look much prettier and have 2018 features instead of . . . 2010.  Hooray!

2) I have . . . planner overload.  I never thought I’d be in a position to say this, but I am quite outnumbered by my 2019 planners, most of them sent to review.  Therefore, I will be spreading some of the planner love around with giveaways here + on instagram (insta / planning insta / BoBw).

Stay tuned for planner review #2 (of about 10 total, woah) on Friday!

Oh Genevieve.
One might think that as the 3rd kid, you would get less attention.  After all, the other two take up a lot of time and energy, right?  Surely you are content to just do your own thing, and have learned that 3rd babies are supposed to sleep really well because OF COURSE it just becomes easy to ‘train’ your kids by the 3rd time around?
Nope.  That said, my GOD this girl is a joy and a total hoot.  Somehow, she seems to have her own spunky personality already.  I will say that both her looks and attitude channel Annabel at times, which is really amazing to see.  I guess genetics run deep . . .
Being #3.  G is #3, but since there are almost 4 years between C & G, there’s a bit of an ‘only’ aspect of her, too (just with more seasoned parents).  I don’t have any toddlers running around competing for attention; A&C are more independent than that most of the time.  
Yesterday, C broke a glass bowl on the stairs (OH CAMERON) and Annabel ‘babysat’ G in her room while I cleaned it up.  Glass-breaking aside, I was so thankful to have someone home that could actually help, even though she’s in 1st grade.
In many ways, I am the same mother I was with the other two.  But I will say I sweat the details less. What she eats.  How she naps.  Even what she wears – although may fave thing to do is to put her in A’s old mini Boden hand me down dresses.  It’s like deja vu.
rare helmet-free pic
Sleep.  She is my first baby NOT to sleep through the night after 7 months or so.  She is also my first baby not to be on at least a little bit of formula supplementation by that time.  I do think the two are linked.  
on my lap
She goes to bed at 7 and is up 1-2x/night still.  She had a promising period in September when her first wakeup was happening as late as 5am, but has since gone back to true middle-of-the-night waking to eat.  She nurses calmly and I place her back in bed with zero soothing or fanfare, and she is always quiet afterwards.  The whole shebang takes max 15 min.  It honestly doesn’t bother me much unless we’ve been out late (esp if I dared to drink more than one glass of wine) or when it’s SUPER early in my sleep cycle (like 10:30 pm).
Last night she oddly ate at 9 pm + 3:30 am.  Her usual wakeup is around 6:30.
She generally naps for one ‘real’ nap and one quick car nap or on my lap (when I’m home).  Her ‘real’ nap is often 10-12 or (yesterday) 11-1.  If she naps past 3-4 pm, bedtime is impossible, so I don’t usually try.  
I recognize that sleep training is an option, but I haven’t wanted to mess with the equilibrium that is nursing supply/demand.  So, here we are.  
Eating.  On that note – aren’t you proud of me that I’ve gone at least 10 posts without mentioning pumping?  (That could be wrong, but I feel like I have not dwelled on it as much).  It has continued, and I am still a crappy pumper, but somehow I still have milk in the freezer (though not a ton, and I am fine with some formula if needed when this runs out before she’s ready for cow’s milk).  I am less than 2 months away from my Dec 1 goal and VERY excited about stopping.  
When I’m home, she typically nurses ~6:30, 9:30, 12-1, 3, sometimes 5, 7, then 1-2x overnight.
When I work, she nurses ~6:30, often top-off at 7:30, 7 pm, then 1-2x/night with 2 bottles during the day (9-10 oz total in bottles).  
She drinks water in her Zoli cup and LOTS of different foods (everything from sweet potatoes and salmon to pizza!).  She seems to be thriving!
Development:  She is on track with the others, or perhaps a tiny bit ahead on her motor milestones compared w/ A/C.  They are all similar, though.  Both A&C walked right at 12 months, and I think G will be there too (maybe a little earlier, but we’ll see).   She’s cruising everywhere and will let go for  a second or two before falling on her (nicely padded) butt.  I do think her helmet has made her a little bit extra bold (it’s protection!) and I fear what will happen when it’s off!!
She waves bye bye, blows kisses, and says the following words:
nana (banana)
bye bye
dada (maybe)
mama (sort of, really just repeats it)
I can’t wait to hear more of her words!!  

Helmet:  We are more than halfway through the helmet journey and it appears her head is rounding out at least somewhat.  She went from 11 mm of asymmetry to 8.6 mm at last check (goal is less than 6 mm).  We’ll never know if it would have happened by itself, but she asymmetrical enough we didn’t want to take the gamble.

She actually doesn’t mind it one bit and we are very used to it.

Siblings: Annabel has been quite good with G from the early phases.  Cameron appears to be coming around.  He still tends to push the limits of what is appropriate horseplay, but he seems less resentful about it and more just . . . experimental.  
It didn’t occur to me until several months in, but I realize that he was much more aware of losing his BABY status, and was hurt that G took that away from him.  As he’s getting more mature and delighting in being lumped with the ‘big kids’ (ie with Annabel) now, things are getting better.  
I still can’t really leave C&G in a room together, but A can actually watch her for a few minutes (ie, while I shower or talk on the phone) which can be really really helpful!  I have even compensated her with a dollar on occasion . . .
ME:  Well, all things considered, I’m doing pretty well.  I definitely have days of despair where I feel like all I do/will ever do is pick up kid messes and play bodyguard to G.  I don’t really love weekends alone at home with all 3.  But on evenings when bedtime goes well, I do kind of feel like (sort of) supermom, and it’s a nice feeling.
I am much less bothered by the night wakings than the pumping.  I CANNOT WAIT to be done with the pumping, and the feeling that my milk must be constantly available.  I am yearning to do something indulgent like just go get a massage during the day with no thought to timing, or to (gasp!) take a couples weekend with Josh.  I do enjoy nursing still so I am not going to try to fully wean (ie, I’ll feed her AM / PM) right away, but I will say I’m starting to look forward to moving on to the next phase.
I will say I’m somewhat less judgmental about my pump ‘outcomes’.  If I don’t make as much on a given day, I’m like, “well, I tried” rather than “I AM A HORRIBLE FAILURE OF A PERSON”.  Last night, G woke up at 9 so I couldn’t pump and rather than despair I was rather happy that I didn’t feel obligated to hook myself up to the blasted machine yet another time.  
I recognize I could just stop but with 7.5 weeks to go until 12/1 I’ll probably just stay with my routine until then.  Perhaps I’ll go to 2 pumps during the work day in November (rather than 3).  We will see . . . if you pumped, did you ramp down gradually, or just stop?  
Physically, I am working out with varying consistency (3-6x/week!), doing a combo of Beachbody 21-day fix workouts + running.  I still am not very fast, but I don’t think I’ve been doing enough mileage to get fast — 10 mi/week max isn’t going to cut it!  I am looking forward to ramping this up in a couple of months, and am considering a March half marathon.  I am still ~3 lb above my personal ‘most comfortable’ weight, but in a decently acceptable place.  I have no delusions that this is going to change until I’m done with nursing.
I will say I am in need of a wardrobe overhaul.  I have been wearing the same @(*&@# for months now, and I hate it all.  On the upside, this has led to an unprecedented surplus in my ‘allowance’ savings!  Yay!  However, I don’t really want to go shopping until I’ve weaned because, as above, I still feel like my body is in a weird in between place (and let’s face it, my chest WILL deflate even if nothing else changes).  That said, I think I have to do something because it’s getting ridiculous – I literally wear the same 2 shirts every weekend and have nothing particularly nice to wear out.  MVP of postpartum wardrobe has been these jeans – I still wear them all the time!
I am also really yearning to ramp up work a little bit more.  The pump has been such a distraction and I have all of these ideas (both clinical + residency/teaching related!) but not enough time to execute.  I’ve chosen to just survive for most of 2018, and I’m comfortable with that decision but ready to move on.  I suspect that 2019 is going to be a productive and exciting work year, and I am looking forward to it!
So – there you have it!  I’m happy to answer questions related to G / post-partum adjustment/etc.  I thought about doing a ‘where we are’ post with C & A too, who are 4.5 (almost 4.75) and 6.5 respectively.  
Whew!  That was a lot.  Back Friday with a planner review.  
PS: Yes, I’ve been following politics and have plenty to say about everything if you run into me IRL, but I prefer to write about happier things like planners and babies.  HOWEVER – PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ARE REGISTERED TO VOTE!! 
PPS: Thinking of panhandle/northern Floridians as Hurricane Michael approaches – sending safe and hopeful vibes that this storm isn’t too bad and blows over quickly!