October 1, 2018


It is a new month.  I have high hopes and big plans for October, though I will say a lot will ride on whether G continues to sleep better.  I just know that once I am getting 7+ hours of uninterrupted sleep on a regular basis everything — everything — will be easier!  And we are close.

(Though for the record, not last night.  Unfortunately.)

One thing I would like to accomplish is the aforementioned upgrade to this site, and perhaps some renewed attention to it overall.  The upgrade is not inexpensive, and while I make a bit of money from the SheKnows/BlogHer sidebar to your right, it would take ~9 months of earnings at my current rate to cover the upgrade fees.  I am thinking about shifting to a new ad network, but the one I have my eye on requires at least 25,000 sessions/month and I’m not quiiiiiiite there.  As it stands currently, The SHU Box receives about ~50,000 pageviews/month and just under 20,000 “sessions”.  Close, but not there.

I like to think that the writing on this site is solid, and my dedication over time is certainly there (!).  I also feel that I offer a bit more honesty than your typical curated lifestyle blog or how-to site these days.  As you all have recently seen, that isn’t always a straightforward path to take, but I have always enjoyed sharing here and 99% of the time, the comments and notes I receive from the audience are incredibly insightful and helpful to me.

Anyway, I’d like to open it up for suggestions today.  What kinds of posts would you like to see this month?  Questions to answer?  I am going to do a weekly planner review post from Oct – Nov (I have several lovely samples I need to share with the world!) and as always, I will share family antics and #goals and book recommendations.

weekend highlights:
Father John Misty concert!
not washing my newly straightened hair (ha)
organizing the kids’ craft supply drawers (the area is functional again!)
impromptu swim / dinner party with another family 
bounce play place
just being together as a family