Weekend, In Conclusion

February 18, 2019

Well! We all made it.

Josh ended up coming home last night at dinnertime and helped clean up/put the big kids to bed, which was a good thing because I. Was. Spent.

I enjoyed documenting my mostly solo-parenting weekend on Instagram Stories – as much as I love the format of the old-school blog, this app is really perfect for capturing these sorts of daily life play-by-play portraits. If you are not actually on Instagram (and honestly, that’s probably a great thing!) but are curious, you can still watch on the computer by clicking the “Weekend” bubble on the link. As I am a total Insta novice, my style is quite minimalist. (Well, to be fair — I actually also kind of like it that way. I find the Boomerang videos and little cutesy graphics and filters kind of nauseating, particularly when they are overused.)

In summary, I:

  • worked out both days (in the early AM)
  • Saturday: AM activity – playground w/ roller skates; PM activity – Young At Art museum
  • Sunday: AM activity – Flamingo Gardens; PM activity – pool
  • got some mild relaxation/reading time in both days while G napped (this is when I gave the big kids screen time). She took about a 2 hr nap each day. Grateful.
  • relied on takeout for most of our meals, but did manage to bake a chocolate chip banana bread (used this recipe, subbed whole wheat flour, used 1/2 cup sugar, threw in 1/2 cup dark chocolate chips, received ‘help’ from both A & C – turned out great)

It was actually a pretty fun weekend, despite a definitely lack of social interaction. Which I missed. I could have made plans and driven back to Miami Beach (it’s just close enough that this is not a crazy thing to do), but it would have surely eliminated G’s good naps (she’d fall asleep on the ~40 min car ride instead). Plus, I sort of wanted to spend the weekend in our new community. I will say the major discovery I made was Flamingo Gardens — it’s a great botanical garden + mini zoo and only 10 minutes away! I converted our day passes to a membership before we left. I am sure we will go back again soon.

It’s now Monday and the kids are off (President’s Day). I will admit that I am not sad to be going to work today! I really did have a good time, but I really do enjoy my work life too and crave the balance. The hospital/office is business as usual, and I have to get in early for morning report. So the full life continues, just in a different form. Unfortunately I cannot Insta-Story my work day (at least the patient parts), but maybe I’ll try for a work-themed Day-In-The-Life someday to capture the rest.

Those pelicans are larger than they appear in this photo!

PS: This weekend was an ideal one in that no one was sick and we had obscenely gorgeous weather. I lucked out!

PPS: I don’t have another solo parenting weekend on the calendar until April, since Josh and I have our next call weekend synced up (this didn’t happen on purpose, but it’s fine).

PPPS: Happy Monday and enjoy President’s Day if you are off. Each 1st grader was assigned a president to research and she got #19. Can’t wait to learn all about Rutherford Hayes . . .

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  • Reply ashlie March 10, 2019 at 6:59 pm

    i loved following you on instagram this weekend…made me feel less alone as i was home alone with the kids too:) thanks for posting it!

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