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March 11, 2019

Another weekend in the books! I semi-documented it in Instagram Stories again, under the Weekend 2 highlight if you are curious – the Stories medium really is perfect for a play-by-play/day-in-the-life sort of thing.

Sometimes it hits me that these family weekends are finite.

There are something like 40 weekends until G is 2, for example.

And just around 600 weekends until Annabel goes to COLLEGE!

I mean, yeah, that’s a lot of weekends. But the number is definitely not infinite. Even if sometimes — especially when the house is a mess and we ruined G’s nap with a poorly-timed car trip — they can feel that way.

Other things that are not infinite: family vacation opportunities (at dinner with our crew we decided that we needed to take a family trip to the Olympics one day. Paris in 2024? Or LA in 2028?). Years of elementary school. LIFE.

And also, call! Which for me, starts tomorrow. I tend to start a countdown (in my head AND on paper) each time.  It’s just seven days! And I will hopefully be distracted by positive things. Among them, Match Day is Friday – we get to see who our new residents will be. VERY exciting!

(Here was my own original Match Day post. OMG how times — and blogging — have changed!)

I will conclude with a photo gallery created by Cameron who got my phone for about 20 seconds this morning and managed to take these before I noticed:

Nice composition, C
Okay . . .
and finally . . .SELF-PORTRAIT!

PS: Just got back from pediatrician visit with G, her 15 month. It really is fun to take kids to well-child checks! Even with the vaccines (she cried for like 10 seconds, and then all was well). She weighed in at 23 lb 14 oz (68%) and was 30.5″ (50%) and impressed our ped with her extensive vocabulary (fave words currently: BALL, APPLE, UP, DOOSH (shoes)). And she says “hi” and “bye” to everyone, with a very earnest little wave and flash of dimple (the one on her right cheek is SERIOUS). G is really really delicious at her current stage.

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  • Reply Cbrown March 12, 2019 at 2:41 pm

    Listening to this week’s BOBW during my toddler’s naptime and thought ‘gosh, why is he awake already!’ and then realised it was G making a cameo 🙂 I’m finding this 1+ stage so much fun. We don’t do well kid visits here but have occasional visits with a health visitor who comes by the home and does development and weight checks (12 months and 26 months…). I need to get T weighed, he’s 19 months, he hasn’t been since he was 13 months…eeks.

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