Week-in-the-Life #5/7

April 14, 2019

Friday 4.12.19 – full work day

taken with my new phone

5:30 up; write day-in-the-life-post (note: I do not usually write blog posts every day so the act of doing this did alter my time expenditure at least a little bit!

6:15 Beachbody 21 Day Fix – Pilates. Not a super hard workout (no weights) but I wanted something less high-impact.

6:50 shower, get ready, get kids up, feed G in there somewhere

7:30 school dropoff w/ A (includes ~20 min walk in nice weather; savoring the days it’s not super hot and humid yet!)

8:00 drive to work

8:30 patients

12:15 lunch w/ colleagues (someone took charge of ordering Thai for everyone, so it was somewhat festive)

1:00 mix of clinical work (calls, messages) and GME stuff. MAJOR inbox cleanout (work email inbox zero, which is a goal of mine most Fridays that don’t always have time to meet

receive this from school and feel glad I did not skip his HW even though I wanted to
(and thank you to those who validated my suspicions that PreK HW should not be a thing!)

6:20 drive 10 minutes and attend work party (annual reception for the medical staff at the hospital where I work). Josh was going to meet me (spouses were invited) but was stuck in the OR and didn’t make it home until 11.

8 leave reception mostly because I feel bad taking up our nanny’s Friday night (but also maybe a little bit because I’m okay having an excuse, having made the rounds)

8:20 home – kids are already in bed (not what I was expecting!). Transfer data to new phone.

9:40 read in bed

10 sleep

3:30 am – G wakes up and will not stop crying so I give up and feed her. Agh.


Sleep: 8.5 hrs (slept 10-7 minus 30 min for G)

Work: ~9.5 hrs (not counting the party as work, though it was sort of borderline as a networking-type event)

Exercise: 30 min

Kid time: 1 hr in the AM and 30 min in the middle of the night, so I guess 1.5 hrs total

Driving: 1 hr (listened to Beyond the To Do List with Michael Hyatt as guest – I have a deep-rooted fondness for that guy for whatever reason, and he did a nice job.)

Blog/pod: 1 hr (blog only)

Social: ~2 hrs (the party + lunch)

Reading/relaxing: ~30 min

I will post both weekend days tomorrow, and then Tuesday will be some number crunching of the data! This has been a fun project.

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