Week-in-the-life #6/7

April 15, 2019

WEEKEND! Neither of us on call. I know I said I’d do both days in one post but it’s Monday and I have to make this relatively quick! So here is Saturday . . . stay tuned for Sunday & the wrap up.

PS: I did find this useful! To the commenters who noted that I seem to fit a lot in — I think it may seem that way because I do a lot in the mornings, but notably I do not do much later in the day. I also didn’t watch any TV (usually I do get in 1-2 shows/week) or even read much this past week.


7:00 up; bfast with kids

8:20 Josh gets up (he worked late Friday). I take G for a stroller run (3.5 mi).

9:00 home/shower

9:45 drive w/ whole crew to Miami Beach. Hit traffic which seems to exist 100% of the time.

10:45 arrive @ piano just in time. Lessons are usually simultaneous, but today C’s teacher had to start him earlier. He has his lesson 10:45 – 11:15 and A has hers 11:15 – 11:45 with a different teacher. 2 Starbucks runs (one for each kid to get a coveted hot chocolate).

12:00 brunch @ Josh’s parents to celebrate A’s bday & my MIL’s bday

2:00 drive to mall

2:30 mall; Apple store for appointment. Estimate on computer = $475 to fix screen on 4-year-old laptop. I debate for a while and then decide to take the plunge and get a new one. The one I want (13″ MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, as recommended by Wirecutter) is not in stock so the visit was somewhat fruitless, but at least it helped with my decision-making. PS: the screen window I am typing these posts on is getting smaller by the day . . . so I hope it comes soon.

We also buy A new earrings because she lost one of hers that had been in for years.

we also look at Mini Melissas – contemplating which ones to get for G for summer.

5:00 home from mall. Quick turnaround to get the kids dressed, and then we head out to dinner.

5:30 dinner with kids @ Cooper’s Hawk. Normally Saturday night is our date night, but our babysitter wasn’t available and I didn’t feel the need to find someone else (we didn’t have big plans). Josh had wanted to try this place (chain winery/restaurant less than 10 min from our house) so we changed our reservation to 5:30 and went as a party of 5.

kids menus + wine flights
G was eating fistfuls of kale salad, of all things

I didn’t see a lot of other kids but they did have kids menus / crayons so it seemed reasonable enough. The food was fair (exception: the roasted Brussels sprouts were delicious), the wine was okay, but the location / convenience was pretty A-plus.

7:15 home; put G to bed

8:00 Josh had to go into work (yep) and I put the big kids to bed (after eating ice cream with them). Kids asleep by ~8:45 or so.

9:15 Josh home. Hang out.

10ish: sleep


Kid time: Essentially all day – we’ll say 13 hrs b/c I did not have them with me at the Apple store

Exercise: 35 minutes

Josh time: also essentially all day, making this rather hard to calculate

Sleep: 8 hrs

Reading/relaxation: maybe 30 min

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  • Reply BethC April 15, 2019 at 1:30 pm

    I am a fan of the wine flight and kids’ menu portion of this day!

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