Week-in-the-Life #7/7

April 16, 2019

Sunday 4.14. Neither parent working.

6:15 up; write week-in-the-life recap for Friday

6:50 feed her and then other kids up. Breakfast with kid (our family breakfasts are very non-elaborate, by the way. Cereal with milk & fruit or or bagels (Daves Killer Bread brand) with peanut butter most days. A smoothie or eggs if there’s extra time, but that doesn’t happen all that often.

7:40 get Josh up and go to Ultimate (workout studio) for cardio/weights class. Excellent class with blocks of treadmill / rower + medicine ball / weights, alternating.

9:15 home, shower

she is happy to see me
big kids (ie screen zombies) did not even notice my entrance (they are enjoying their hard-earned 40 min on tablets)

9:40 family trip to Flamingo Gardens (local garden / nature preserve with FL wildlife). Meet up with another family (blind date of sorts!). It goes well. Hooray for new local friends!

“Ish!” (fish)

11:50 drive home (both G & their 2 year old need naps!)

12:15 fam lunch (eggs, avocado, toast)

1:00 put G down for nap. Josh takes A to an ice skating birthday party, which she ends up loving! C and I are very lazy and watch a movie together (he actually watches while I read + fall asleep for at least 30 minutes because we are very cozy + relaxed).

3:30 I investigate G’s status – she is stirring a little bit. I snuggle with her for a bit as she wakes up.

4:30 Josh is home with A and exhausted. I take C & G to pool (it does seem fair since I had some significant lounge time with C earlier while G was sleeping).

5:50 order pizza & salad on ubereats from the car before driving home from the pool (#strategic).

6:00 home. Give G a bath and assign Josh to A&C.

6:45 pizza is here! Kids are clean! Family dinner + clean up.

8:00 put G to bed

8:15 big kid bedtime routine

8:45 kids all asleep; read (finally almost done with Commonwealth, not sure why it has taken me forever to get through it because I do like it!)

9:15 bed

2:30 G wakes up, cries for 5 min, I give her the paci and less than 2 minutes later she is asleep. Whew.

4:40 up


Blog: 35 min

Exercise: 1 hr

Kid time: ~12 hrs

Meal prep / cleanup (all together): 1 hr

Relaxation/reading: ~2 hrs

Sleep: 8 hrs (including couch nap)

Time w/ Josh: ~7 hrs


  • Reply Aly April 16, 2019 at 10:59 am

    Love these week-in-the-life posts! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  • Reply Erica S April 16, 2019 at 12:57 pm

    Looks like a pretty great week! You’ve inspired me to time track this week. Well, I had been thinking about it for awhile because I got lazy and I just settled into my new office at work and wanted to use the time tracking as a secondary kick in the pants to be more productive at work. 🙂
    It took me over a month to finish Ann Patchett’s “State of Wonder” and a simlar time for Commonwealth. I’m a very fast reader, generally, I just have a hard time diving into her books. The chapters are also long so I feel like I need to wait until I know I have a good chunk of time to read so I can finish a chapter.

  • Reply Amanda Griffin April 16, 2019 at 2:54 pm

    You all had a fun weekend! I’ve really enjoyed reading about your week! Its great to see how things play out over the course a week (the whole week vs a single day is one of my favorite lessons from Laura’s work).

  • Reply Callie April 17, 2019 at 9:00 am

    I loved reading about your week! As someone working full time who is hoping to have kids soon (and keep working full time), I read these posts to get a better idea of what my life might be like after kids. 🙂

  • Reply BPS April 18, 2019 at 9:50 am

    Loving these posts. I’m always so inspired by your morning routine, and would LOVE to make getting up earlier a habit, if not to work out then, just to enjoy the morning, plan, etc. As a fellow bookworm (and public library user), I really enjoy reading and listening about what books you and Laura are into. I loved “Commonwealth”, too — it was a maternity leave read for me.

    Now, time to squeeze some very belated Q2 planning in before my meetings kick off – thanks for the inspo!

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