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WBR Day 4: The Easier Part

December 24, 2019

ie: the portion where Josh is off with me!

(If the whole break was like this, it would be great. Already strategizing how we can sync up better next year.)

In (very) brief because we are headed out for a zoo trip today:


Hung out around house until ~11:30 AM (and yes, everyone went slightly crazy and the house was a mess)

Met up with friends at Coral Reef Yacht Club (Josh’s HS friend is seriously into sailing and has some sort of lifetime membership). We had lunch, swam, and caught up. Mostly I caught up as Josh was in the pool with the kids. (Sorry Josh. Someone had to do it).

just a little flooding in MIA. agh! Josh and I kept saying we were so happy to have sold our house . . .

We arrived home SPENT (and G took just a car nap). Cameron slept from 4 pm (fell asleep in the car) until 6:30 AM the next morning (yes, he does this hibernation sometimes; he may be part bear).

Our babysitter arrived so we could enjoy dinner out with our nanny and her husband. This was supposed to be a yearly tradition yet I think we missed the last 2 years due to chaos surrounding having G! We went to 15th Street Fisheries and it was great for the occasion – felt a little special & elevated, and everything we ate was delicious.

Throwback to 2010 blogging. Except the phone cameras are better now.


Workout – Beachbody 21DF Dirty 30. This is one of my favorite workouts. According to the website I have completed 202 workouts since signing up for BB in May 2018.

Meditation – Check. I am using the 10% Happier app since someone asked. I have used both Calm and Headspace in the past. Honestly, I like them all pretty equally!

Reading – more of Anna Quindlen’s How Reading Changed My Life

PS: BOBW 2019 Year In Review Episode is up, and I believe our 2020 Goals episode airs next week. I was in a terrible mood as we recorded the Goals one so I may have to create a better version.

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  • Reply Emily December 24, 2019 at 11:18 am

    I have to say, I know you usually don’t have time but I always enjoy when you return to daily blogging! Glad Josh has time time off so the five of you can enjoy the holidays together. Happy Hanukkah!

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