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WBR Day 5: Happy Holidays

December 25, 2019

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate! Tonight is night #4 of Hanukkah. So far, the kids have received:

  • KiwiCo kits from my parents
  • Erin Condren Kids Planners + baby shark color wonder pad for G
  • Razor scooter (with light-up wheels) for C; Face paint kit for A; this game for G. A already has a similar scooter so I anticipate some serious scooter play at the playground today or tomorrow.

Tonight is our Hanukkah party at Josh’s parents’ house so we’re off the hook again. Whew. Josh took charge of gift-buying this year so I am not entirely sure what comes after that, but I will let you all know. We didn’t get any huge gifts this year (the scooter was probably the biggest), but the kids are generally getting what they asked for.

Annabel has already prepped January in her kids’ EC. I was proud 🙂

ANYWAY. We are still in the easy/fun stretch of winter break where Josh is off. (It ends tomorrow.)

Yesterday we took advantage of gorgeous weather and no work obligations and hit the zoo.

touching a snake!

We had ice cream, pet goats, rode the carousel, and pedaled the above contraption all over the place. (I am counting it as my workout because it was pretty taxing!).

There was one tantrum at the gift shop (we will leave the tantrum-er nameless), but overall a successful trip.

THEN I came home and took a 2 hr nap. I had let Josh sleep in for the morning and greatly appreciated the reciprocal gesture. He took the kids for a quick walk while I made dinner and happily listened to a podcast.

Rioja-style potatoes with chorizo and peas. The big kids initially balked but I got the idea to add sour cream to theirs which made it more mild, and then they ate it! Except G who ate mostly bread and butter, emphasis on the butter.

(Note: I want to do more of this next year – making & serving family dinner on nights we are all off! I know it’s not a reality for our family most weekdays — which I’m a little sad about, but accepting. However, it’s completely doable on Sundays.)

Daily report:

Workout: At least an hour of peddling the above family cycle around the zoo. While it wasn’t a formal workout, it was hard. Of note, it made me happy that I DO exercise regularly because being able to participate in active things without completely dying is one of the major benefits.

Reading: ~30 minutes of Red White and Royal Blue.

Meditation app – right before cooking dinner

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