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WBR Day 6: Long stretch up ahead . . .

December 26, 2019

So here we go. The hard part.

7 days off. Josh at work during day and on call at night for 6 of them (he’s working a ‘regular day’ Monday but not on call that night).

We have on the schedule:

3 daytime playdates

One afternoon/dinner playdate

4 mornings of babysitting from 8a – 10a just so I can go for a run and/or to the grocery store. So glad I scheduled these.

1 date night (on the one night Josh is not on call)

4 more nights of Hanukkah

Let’s do this.

Yesterday = not the best day. We did attend two lovely gatherings but both were in Miami Beach and we drove back and forth twice. On the upside, G did take a 3 hour nap in between (!), so the down time at home was at least true rest. The kids were just acting somewhat crazy — probably due to not enough time outside — and I am feeling annoyed at the state of our house which seems to be covered in a layer of dumped-out toys.

I also ate my weight in sugar, which never helps!

Here’s to a fresh start today!


Workout9 mi run (last long run of half “training” and yes “training” is definitely in quotes for this one). It was a slog but I greatly enjoyed the All Songs Considered holiday special.

Meditation appyes but it did not stop me from losing it at the kids, OMG.

Reading – more Red White and Royal Blue (continues to be total candy / fun to read though it is surprisingly long; I’m only 22% in)

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