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Call report: #5/7

February 9, 2020


Clearly the universe did not want you all to think I am lazy, because it has been a busier-than-average call week. Which is fine. But I will be excited when it is over!

So yesterday (Saturday):

Hours worked: 9 – 11:30am, 12:30 – 1:30 pm . . . and then I headed to do a run. JUUUST as I was starting though I found out about a new consult that required going back to the hospital. It’s kind of a gray zone where I work – after a certain time of day, the hospitalist teams will admit our patents since they are there 24/7. But 3 pm would be pushing it.

So, I headed back in. 3:30 – 5 pm, I’d estimate. So approximately 5 hours worked. 4 follow ups, the 1 new one, and 1 phone follow up. As usual I have no idea how 5 patients took this amount of time, but it did. I also answered a couple of pt phone calls from home.

Overnight calls: Just one at 11 pm. I was in the deepest of all deep sleeps. Nursing question/order entry needed and entered. At least she was very nice about it (probably nicer than I was answering the phone, because OMG I was out of it!).

What else am I tracking here? I forget, but I’m about to leave the hospital. Tomorrow is day 7/7! Can’t wait.

I was gone for much of the day yesterday but luckily I was around when C lost his front tooth! Milestone! This is tooth #3 and he’ll be 6 in 11 days 🙂 Kids shed teeth relatively early in our family. Interesting!

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  • Reply Elisabeth February 10, 2020 at 7:36 pm

    That’s so great that you have a reduced call schedule. Sounds like you make it work, but kudos for recognizing it isn’t something that suits you/your family at this point!

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