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Day 36: New Week

April 20, 2020

AND entering the last 3rd of April. Some longtime readers may have noticed that I often relish the fresh start of a new month . . . and fall apart a bit towards the end.

(Anyone else? No? Oh well. We all have our quirks!)

Anyway, my guard is up this time. Given the circumstances, I am honestly fairly proud of my April so far.

My screen time may be a little out of control, but there aren’t too many missing dots! There appears to be one day I wasn’t able to get outside and 2 rest days that I took after finishing 21DF.

(In case anyone is wondering, the categories stand for Meditation, Post, Workout, Outside, Skincare, Read). Yes, I am basically like Ben Franklin except I don’t think he had skincare on his list . . .

I just completed my weekly review and realized I didn’t accomplish any of the big GME tasks I had set out to do. Not sure why I set myself up for that sort of failure — I was on call. Maybe I was hoping it wouldn’t be busy, but it was.

On a related note, I am also proud of my relative zen this past call week. You all know it’s something I struggle with. I think the current situation has slapped/forced some perspective into me (ie: at least I still have a job and a fairly good one at that), and I also kind of appreciated being busy in a way I usually . . . don’t.

ANYWAY, it’s a new work week, one with less clinical and some much-needed GME catchup time. I need to finish next year’s resident block schedules, continue to manage the COVID-19 related changes, run our annual Program Evaluation Committee meeting, and more. But today is my last day of call so all of that will start Tues and beyond!

Bedtime – this happened.

(I was just thinking how much of a pain in the ass our kids’ bedtime was a year ago, and how much better it is now. I hope it stays that way.)

AAAAND high of 96 today. Summer has begun in south FL.

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  • Reply Gwinne April 20, 2020 at 8:21 am

    That pic is so great. I have 7,75 years between my two…. some benefits like that!

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