Saturday Morning

November 21, 2020

Josh is off this weekend and the next – hallelujah! And my next call weekend isn’t until 2021, which sounds farther away than it actually is.

I left my daily planner page blank yesterday which is . . . unusual. But I think I needed the break from some of my self-imposed goals/expectations. I even let myself scroll, but it actually was sort of helpful because it ended up being . . . not all that interesting.

I feel like I am somewhat cured of my desire to scroll!? I really don’t want to backslide so I will resume tracking my screen time and email checks and the like . . . but it was quite promising that I had very little interest in the feeds that used to suck me in quite easily.


❏ Take Annabel for first orthodontist appt (I think she is getting spacers today — I still remember getting my own)

❏ Get C glasses (Target Optical I think).

❏ Spend time outside (hopefully beach) because our weather is finally decent (still 70s-80s though. I see some lows in the high 60s coming and am so hopeful!)

❏ Run today // Leg day tomorrow

❏ Probably finish Redhead by the Side of the Road (I like it so far!). The main character shows some of the downsides of being an Upholder . . .

❏ Try to embrace No Nap life . . . need to introduce G to the concept of quiet time. Heh.

❏ Play Adrianne Lenker’s Songs on repeat. This album cover is so pretty it makes me yearn for the days of album collections . . .

excellent Saturday AM soundtrack

Had a dream last night about a family vacation where we ended up (accidentally) at a hotel infested with COVID. Life almost feels normal, and then you remember . . .


  • Reply Grateful Kae November 21, 2020 at 8:47 am

    I think it is wise to continue your vigilance around your screen time. I’ve been making a big effort to cut mine back as well (probably not as far as you have, but limiting social media to <20 minutes a day). I find if I let myself override the time limits even one day, it's a slippery slope for me! It's best if I hold myself to a hard line with those limits. Even though I totally agree that the desire diminishes greatly if we don't use it, it seems like it can also ramp back up rather quickly, too, if I'm not careful. I've also noticed that if I POST on social media, my use naturally wants to creep back up since I feel pulled to want to check for comments/ write responses/etc….ugh. The best strategy for me is really "don't check/ don't post!" haha.

  • Reply Lisa November 21, 2020 at 10:49 am

    I went off IG and FB for November and am questioning whether to go back. I’m thinking about whether they add value to my life or if there are other ways to spend that time that results in more meaningful engagement with friends. It’s just so addictive and I can fall into the trap of mindlessly scrolling. I do set strict limits like Kae does but I still wonder if it’s worth it… I figure I will decide month by month. I might go on for a short period of time in December after the baby is born since that’s the easiest way to share the news.

    Yay for Josh being off this weekend! I hope the no nap/quiet time goes well for G! Fingers crossed!

  • Reply Coco November 21, 2020 at 3:41 pm

    i agree with Kae, after a hiatus with social media you think you’ve cut down the addiction and relax, they it’s easy to get addicted again, just like any addiction substance. hahaha… I’d rather keep them out of my phone for good.

  • Reply Amy November 22, 2020 at 7:46 am

    I too have totally cut back on social media — deleted fb, and uninstalled IG — I find that after a while IG is just out of sight, out of mind, and I’m not tempted — but I also don’t want to reintroduce it. Doesn’t it feel good to be free of that?

    And FWIW my oldest gave up napping at 2.5 and “quiet time” was a total fail. We did Daniel Tiger Hour instead, lol. But he slept GREAT at night and went to bed early. Hang in there!

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