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July 11, 2021

Family Tasks

Meal plan & grocery shop. I might go in person to Trader Joe’s for a change, we will see.

Make lunches ie my least favorite task. If the kids’ school starts providing lunch again next year I am IN.

Put weekly schedule up on the “board”. (I’d show a picture but all recent iterations include personal info so I’ll make sure to keep this week generic & share next week!). We use an EC wall organization center that we have had for years (currently site says “be back soon” – I guess they are revamping their designs!).

Laundry. 1-2 loads usually esp if we swam.

Pick up the house (done with Josh, or while Josh is commandeering baths/showers).

Personal Tasks:

Workout. (Today = ~45 min run)

Gmail cleanout Work email cleanout = Fridays, personal = Sundays.

Go through any paper files & make sure bills are paid (usually not much there though, thankfully).

Honestly, most Sundays I am completely out of energy by the end. But this is kind of . . . what needs to happen for a successful start to the week.

Fridays are when I do a a lot of planning for the week ahead for work, Saturdays are usually just free/whatever days, and then Sundays end up being home planning.

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In addition to above . . . thinking:

❏ Family pool outing

❏ Discuss fall activities (kids)

❏ ?? Organize kids books

❏ Book NC flights (quick trip for Josh and me to visit my niece AND see our old BFFs from med school/residency who will be visiting NC from the west coast at the same time!)

Looking at all that, I don’t see it actually being possible. But I guess we will get to what we get to.

A note of thanks to Physician on FIRE for including me in his Sunday Best roundup this week!


  • Reply coco July 11, 2021 at 5:29 pm

    I like to do the family week planning on Monday morning to feel a bit longer weekend. but sometimes it feels overwhelming to start everything on Monday. I’ll try doing Sunday evening next week.

  • Reply Lisa of Lisa's Yarns July 12, 2021 at 8:48 am

    That is A LONG LIST of stuff to do!! Hopefully you got the most important/pressing stuff tackled. Now that I’m WFH, I try to sprinkle in more home stuff during the week. My husband goes into the office 2-4 days/week and handles drop off/pick up on those days, so that gives me some extra time at the end of the day to get things done and I can throw a load of laundry in during the day and fold during a conference call when I don’t need my video on. So that has helped out on the home front! When I was going into the office, I did a lot of meal prep stuff on Sundays – kind of a DIY Prep Dish approach – but that is also less necessary now that I’m WFH. I’ll have to go back to that approach in 2022 when I return to the office 3 days/week, though.

    But in general, I find it hard to get much done on the weekends since the boys’ naps rarely overlap and both need a lot of attention when they are awake so I have really lowered my expectations about what I will get done. So something like organizing the kids books needs to happen when they are not around – so maybe during a personal day off or something like that, which is not something you really want to do on a day off, but it can feel good to get it done!

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