Weekly Workouts: Recovery Phase Continues

December 3, 2023


M: Run with running friends (first time in a while!). 4.37 mi total / 9:10/mi average

T: A blissful 58F degree run!! 4.24 mi @ 9:28/mi average

W: 45 min 2000s Pop Ride with Hannah Corbin (ave HR 160 with several stretches close to 180, where the HR monitor seemed to think I was at max HR. I am sure my max is higher than it thinks, but I do not doubt I am getting a good cardiovascular workout w these rides) + 5 min cooldown ride

R: Another gorgeous weather day (60F), 4.42 mi @ 9:04/mi. I wore old AlphaFlys just to see what they felt like with my knee. Maybe better? Not sure. But I’ll take the automatic ~30-40s/mi these shoes always seem to give me for any given effort level. (I do not usually wear them for easy runs!)

F: Back to normal weather, ahh well. 4.11 mi @ 9:46/mi. (All of these random distances is bc I am supposed to run ~40 min). 20 min Peloton glute/leg strength with Adrian Williams

S: 50 minutes of rides – 30 min Ally Love 1989 Taylor’s Version (ave HR 161) + 20 min Holiday Party Ride with Bradley Rose (ave HR 163)

S: 4.4 mi run @ 9:27/mi; maybe yoga later . . . .

I still get pain in my knee about 30 min into my runs but it’s starting to feel less intense and be a smaller area (ie no radiation up to my hip) so – I feel like I am continuing to heal. I still think it’s all related to my quad muscle taking its sweet time to rebuild after contusion/crush injury. So hopefully will continue on this “bit of progress each week” trajectory. I can’t wait to (eventually) do longer runs again!


Run = 21 mi / Bike = 26.4 mi / Strength = a whopping 20 min (oops)

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  • Reply Jenny December 3, 2023 at 9:03 pm

    Well, any running is good running! I’m glad the knee is continuing to improve. That was a nice cooldown, right? We have another one coming our way this week as well.

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