That Post Call Week Energy

January 17, 2024

Honoring it as best I can . . .

I definitely have had plenty to do this week. Yesterday I:

  • Recorded 2 ads and a ‘promo’ — this is a little 60 second teaser for BLP that will air on another productivity podcast as a bit of a swap. (I only okayed this because I DO actually listen to the podcast I’ll be swapping with!)
  • Led BLP at Home — 2 hr annual planning session, round 2 (January)! It wasn’t as crowded as the December session but we still had a lovely group.
  • Prepped BOBW scripts for Thursday’s recording
  • Prepped slides for a (volunteer) parent presentation I’m giving at the kids’ school tomorrow (kind of like a BLP Lite — I have no idea how this will go over, but someone asked me to do it so it’s happening!)
  • Drafted outline for upcoming Patreon session on habits
  • MAILED MY 1099s, W2/W3 to appropriate recipients and IRS! I have never done this so early (they are due by end of the month)

So, that was a lot. But I’m just glad it wasn’t more. I had time to go at a reasonable pace (and finally finish my novel!). All that I had on my calendar was the 2 hour BLP at home session from 10-12p, which was sort of deceiving. I remember having the temptation to schedule OTHER things on this day that looked ’empty’ and resisted, knowing that post call I’d have a build up of pod-type stuff to do and I would be tired. I am very very glad I kept things clear.

I guess what I am saying is: I may be finally learning how to handle the rhythms of my hybrid career life Yay!? I want to be productive on my non-clinical days but also embrace the time for more flexibility (attend C’s basketball games, take care of my own appointments, occasionally rest + relax).

Running Related

I had such a fun group run today. My fast friend and I sort of ‘paced’ another friend for her tempo workout (well, she really paced. I came along for the ride!). I never though running would become such a social aspect of my life and it has been so rewarding and fun.

SNOW CONE bc I guess they will serve snow cones, not because there will be snow. HOWEVER it does look to be a wonderful weather for a race (51F!!!!)

I am sort of tempted to race a 5K this weekend. This was not in the plan, but my friend mentioned it and it’s been so long since I experienced a race. PLUS I’m interested to see if my progress translates to a faster 5K vs just longer distances.


  • Reply omdg January 17, 2024 at 12:30 pm

    I have found running to be social… but in different ways. For instance, I am able to talk bond with coworkers and my boss about training, races, injuries, and nutrition. However I don’t think it will ever be social for me outside of that because running groups (sorry) are not inclusive of slow people. The one in A2 technically has a 12min/mile group, but nobody slower than 10min/mile ever shows up. It’s kind of disappointing, honestly, as many adults derive additional motivation to exercise from social interaction, and that will never happen for me. I’m not that even that terrible an athlete, imagine how older people or people who are just starting out must feel.

    And yes, yes I’m sure a group where people run 12 min miles exists *somewhere.* Just not near me.

    As a side note, swimming is also this way, and unfortunately unless you’re a former Olympian (and there are plenty where I live) nobody is going to acknowledge your presence let alone talk to you. Indeed, they will probably act irritated that you’re taking up space.

    I used to hope that exercise would lead to social interaction and non-doctor friends, but unfortunately that does not seem to be the case.

  • Reply jennystancampiano January 19, 2024 at 8:47 am

    So you’re thinking of doing a 5K tomorrow? The weather should be really nice! i have a long run planned for Sunday and the forecast says 47 (whaaaat???)
    I’m glad you’re getting in some relaxation this week!

    • Reply Sarah Hart-Unger January 19, 2024 at 10:38 am

      Yes! I added it impromptu bc one of my friends is doing it and specifically bc of the WEATHER!

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