i love to cook
since eating well is important to me, the exercise of planning and executing our routine dinners at home is actually one of my favorite activities. productive + zen + rewarding — both while we’re dining, and also in the aftermath when i get to share my creations with you the next day!

2009 was the year of martha (i cooked through her entire great food fast cookbook — a fantastic collection of recipes, by the way). 2010 was more about variety. i worked on delving into the other cookbooks that were languishing on my shelf, took inspiration from my favorite food blogs, and did lots of cooking from magazines (primarily real simple, cooking light, and of course clean eating).

i often get asked by my coworkers (the ones who don’t cook) how i manage to put home-cooked meals on the table most nights. the answers are:

1. prep is key!

sunday AM ritual
2. leftovers. i cook about 3 times per week, and the rest is . . . recycled. the best part is not having much to clean up!

top 12 of 2010
i spent some time going through this past year’s archives and selected 12 favorites — the meals that were truly memorable and worthy of making again (and again). not all of the recipes are available online, but if there is a recipe that interests you, feel free to