disclaimer: aside from exaclair which has sent me planners/paper for review (though i’ve spent plenty of my own $ on their products as well!), none of these brands or websites have provided me with any form of compensation (freebie or kickback) for mentioning them. they are just things i like! just wanted to make sure that was out there.

one of the most common questions emailed to me is: “what kind of planner do you have, and where did you get it?!”. and i never get tired of answering — in fact, i love that there are others out there as excited about their stationery as i am. maybe it helps me to feel more normal.

[[awkward silence]]

ahem. anyway! here are some of my favorite stationery resources, and agenda info:

space 24, my planner favorite for years! lovely paper and a great layout for those who like to make lists alongside their week.

you’ve seen this many times before!
★ i have often gotten the above agenda online at the daily planner. they also have a great selection of other brands, including moleskine, rhodia, miquelrius, and graphic image.

★ i had a great experience with my recent purchase from ebay retailer everyday happy smile.

recently purchased journal J
★ reader teresa reminded me of the little happy shop, a similarly named resource for asian paper goods and cute containers. they also have really cute totes, like this one:

★ i am very particular about my pens (i know you’re surprised) and i love the Hi-Tec C gel pens (in 0.4 mm) that i bought from jetpens. they ship very quickly, too!

running gear
★ i do not have a lot of fancy running clothes, but when i do shop for jackets/tops i often splurge on sugoi. their clothes fit me well and seem to last forever! i still mourn the loss of a blue zip-up that got lost somewhere in duke hospital during my NICU rotation. i hope it found a happy home . . .

★ shoes are a very personal thing, so this may not help anyone, but if you’re curious, i’ve been wearing the same type (asics gel landreth) for at least the past 2 years.

★ fellow runners often ask me about my non-garmin distance/speed device. i use a polar rs200sd footpod that measures acceleration rather than relying on satellites.

when calibrated correctly, i have found that it is at least as accurate as a satellite device, but more reliable (never loses signal and can measure right even if you’re zig-zagging around).

★ well, it’s no secret what my favorite clothing retailer is . . .

but i have written before about how to make the most of your $ there and often enjoy digging (virtually) through the sale racks.

★ i carried an orla kiely bag around all through residency, so i can vouch for the quality! i just love this irish designer’s beautiful patterns and colors, combined with really good craftsmanship.

current work bag
current unattainable drool-worthy object of desire
★ okay, this one is only going to help the locals, but i wanted to mention bella bean, a community-supported agriculture company that will deliver produce straight to your door (no need to rush to get anywhere to pick up before any specific time). it actually works out to be cost effective (not cheap, but similar to whole foods price) and the quality is always amazing because the products are all from local farms. you can branch out to specialty products such as local eggs, meats, cheeses, or baked goods as well!

★ now, i realize that no supermarket chain is perfect when it comes to environmental practices and treatment of their workers. but i’d like to think that at least whole foods tries a little. and i have to admit, i just love to shop there. people often do not believe me when i say this, but i have found it to be similar in price to harris teeter and other ‘regular’ grocery stores — as long as i am armed with a list and stick to the products i came to get. now, this may be skewed because of what i buy – but i’ve really found it to be true! one day perhaps i’ll do a true comparison test (and post about it, of course).