summer retreat

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retreat basics
welcome to the 6 week virtual summer retreat! i wrote a little bit of background on the idea earlier this month, but essentially my vision is for a 6 week interactive virtual retreat to bring some balance and happiness into our summers.

wrightsville beach, NC
while it would be wonderful to go away to an actual retreat for 6 weeks [at an ashram or a luxurious island resort? your pick!], that simply isn’t feasible for most of us with demanding jobs, family obligations, and finite bankrolls. but that’s no reason we can’t undertake our own programs for self-development, designed to help us get even more out of our real, not-always-so-glamorous lives.

and bonus: by incorporating our retreat activities into each and every *real* day, we will emerge refreshed, energized, and a bit more mindful — and have fun thoughout the whole journey, too!

at least, i hope so 🙂 this is all experimental and every bit of it is completely up to you!

retreat details
the 6 weeks will be organized around 6 themes:

each day‘s post will include:

✔ a daily reflection/journaling suggestion

✔ a meditation exercise [focus + length specified — usually very short, because i’m new at this!]

✔ one suggested reading or podcast

✔ one mini-assignment/activity [ie: something to do in the real world, not the online one! and generally fun/relaxing. because that’s the point!].

each week, there will be:

✔ one bigger assignment/adventure

✔ an example 24-hour retreat [see this post for some samples] that incorporates the weekly theme

✔ round-up of your reflections [links to anything any of you want to share on your experiences throughout the week!]

retreat posts will go up each NIGHT with the above assignments; then i’ll add to them with my own plans [and the rest of my usual banter — come on, do you think i can help myself?] in the AM!

retreat Q & A
“Do I have to participate in all of the retreat? Can I just do what sounds good?”
of course! and uhh, since there’s not even really an official sign-up, you can do this as anonymously as you want to! i just like to know who’s out there lurking 🙂 and even more importantly, i welcome your ideas/comments/suggestions!

“I have an idea for a podcast/reading that I think would fit one of those themes.”
awesome . . . just let me know before that week if you can, and i’ll see if i can incorporate it!

“Come on, I’m as Type A as they come! I need to know if there’s anything to WIN (that way I can get a head start).”
while i do giveaways periodically [just for fun], the retreat is definitely not a competition. i might throw some random draws in there, though, just for kicks.

“Is there a diet plan? An official sponsor? A yoga program?”
no, no [amazingly, anthro never got back to me! and neither did michelle obama], and no. unless you’re under 20 with a hormone problem, i’m not qualified to give out medical, nutrition, or training advice 🙂

“Does this cost anything?”
that would be another firm no. well, occasionally i might suggest an activity for you to do that isn’t free [ie: a date with a friend; a massage] — but of course everything is optional and i’d love to hear your budget alternatives!

“Wait, I have another question!”
ask in the comments, or feel free to email me anytime.

see you at the [virtual] beach!
check in is at 9 pm, 5.29.11 at of course, you can arrive as late as you like 🙂

collection of retreat posts
week 1: inside/out
day 1: ideal day + implementing one element
day 2: sleep
day 3: nutrition
day 4: movement
day 5: self-compassion/body image
day 6: health-related routines
day 7: 24 hour mini-retreat #1

week 2: time is life
day 8: auditing your time