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  • Weekend

    Thanksgiving: Scenes + Behind the Scenes

    Not shown: Slow burn migraine that lasted from Thursday morning to Friday night (I think I medicated too late. . .) My pies! They were delicious, as was the rest of Thanksgiving. I was…

    November 26, 2022
  • life Planners

    Hobonichi + Rest

    Hobonichi 2023! The 2023 site is up! You can’t ‘add to cart’ until September 1st (well, August 31st @ around 10 pm Eastern time . . .) but everything is available to browse. I…

    August 25, 2022
  • life

    OFF day

    I had grand plans about posting every day in November. However, yesterday another migraine reared its head and I have felt off every since. I am 100% sure it was triggered by a busy…

    November 2, 2021