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August 23, 2004

so the girls are gone (after 3 trips to the airport), which is sad. i have to return to my normal life, but not really. normal life as of just 5 days ago consisted of early am rounds, getting ordered around, crappy lunches in duke north (when i was “allowed” to escape), and occasionally enjoying getting to work with a patient who was interesting and/or nice. for the last month, i had been doing a scaled-down version of this routine in the rural peds office, and i did like it a lot more (because kids are fun!) but still, same deal, basically.

but now i’m not even sure what my normal routine is going to be like. i start class tomorrow, with my core pharmacology course: PHARM 233, required of all graduate students as well as PHARM 234 and 235 taken in subsequent semesters. i’m not starting in lab just yet, because i purposely put a 2-week delay in there, for my sanity’s sake. therefore, all that will be required of me for the next 2 weeks will be going to class and studying. these are things which i have been fairly good at in the past, so i’m not so worried. that will come in 2 weeks.

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i saw garden state tonight. i liked it. josh didn’t. this dichotomy is unusual. i will acknowledge that the film had its flaws (some of the far-fetched scenes towards the end, in particular), but i thought that the acting was very good, the characters interesting, and the emotions sincere. plus the soundtrack was fabulous – i kind of want to buy it. the only other time we have disagreed so strongly about a movie was after shattered glass. that time, he loved it, while i couldn’t stand it. i can’t even remember what made me hate it so much, but i just remember feeling completely unconvinced by the characters, plus i felt the whole thing was . . . i don’t know, obvious.

god, i am a terrible film critic. i apologize.

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i am now a link on “”, which is essentially a list of blogs written by williams alumnae. i looked a few of them, and they made me feel very unintellectual, very politically uninvolved, and very girly. instead of posting pictures of impractical pink shoes (by the way, i’m returning the damn things, because they are too big, which breaks my heart), these people comment on news stories, link to editorial columns, and pontificate on the state of society today. oh well. it’s true, i do prefer jane magazine to the wall street journal. what can you do?

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