breathing room

August 19, 2004

disclaimer: i’m writing this a day late, but this entry is really about yesterday (august 18). if i had actually written it last night, it would have been filled with so many spelling errors and typos that it would have been quite embarrassing. plus, who knows what i might have posted, given my compromised judgment? champagne + tequila + blog = dangerous mix.

so yeah, i finished my clinical year! the test was boring. i fell asleep several times, mainly towards the beginning of the exam. it doesn’t count for much of my grade in pediatrics, and with that other comprehensive basic science exam in such recent memory, i was in no mood to sit there filling in bubbles for another 3 hours. thankfully, there were only 100 questions (the basic science test had 200).

the end of this medical year is so jammed up against the beginning of my grad school years that there’s no room to breathe, think about the transition, or relax, really. i start classes on monday. i suppose i could start in lab on monday as well, but i happen to be rotating first with a rather laid back PI who said i can start when i want, and i think that’s going to be tuesday, september 7. since i now have some control over my schedule, i am going to take charge. no more “be there to pre-round at 5 am.” no more “you can leave when we’re finished with rounds.” ha!

but seriously, i hope i am able to handle my newfound freedom. i don’t want to become one of those grad students who abuses the situation and winds up playing X-box all day long and completing the degree in 9 or 10 years. i think i’ll be ok, though, because i don’t like video games and i would feel too guilty if i wasn’t putting in a good amount of work. i guess we’ll have to see.

i drank too much last night (if 2 glasses of champagne, 2 margaritas, and a jello-shot counts as too much), but still maintained my dignity and upright posture (mostly) until i went to bed. i had a lot of fun, but now i feel nasty and cloudy-headed and slow. i need to snap out of it, because i have a house to clean, as the mad bitches (5 best friends from college) are arriving tomorrow! i am very, very excited.

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