December 11, 2004

oops, i’m behind again on my study-plan. life sort of got in the way. tends to be happening quite often these days, but what can you do? it’s party season! i’m sort of resigned now to ‘whatever happens, happens.’ i’m not giving up or anything, but i am no longer going to allow myself to freak out, because apparently my delicate immune system can’t handle it. i should have realized that by now, since, after all, i’m the girl who got shingles during finals senior year, when my thesis was due.

yes, those were the days.

on the up-side, there are now 3 painstakingly prepared homemade desserts sitting in my refrigerator (there may be pictures to come . . .) and a lot of people are coming over tomorrow to eat them, and drink wine, and celebrate josh’s bday, and i can’t wait.

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