December 10, 2004

the baking extravaganza (for josh’s bday party) begins tomorrow. all the groceries have been bought, all the recipes gathered. it’s too late to turn back.

since josh got a digital camera for his birthday, perhaps i will start adding some visual content to this thing. though i sort of like the quasi-anonymity that i have without any pictures, so we’ll see. maybe i’ll just add pictures of inanimate objects, such as the chocolate walnut caramel tart i am planning to construct. mmmmmmmmm.

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in other news, my first publication ever (ok, so i’m not first author, and therefore it’s not truly ‘my’ publication, but still!) comes out in january in behavioural brain research. yes, it’s true that i am no longer conducting anything that would be construed as behavioural brain research these days, unless you were to count this blog. but in my undergrad days, i was all about neuroscience and i spent many hours watching rats run mazes and assaying hormone levels in the hopes of figuring out something about the effects of early life stress on HPA (stress-hormone-system for the lay-people) axis development, and how that relates to memory. anyway, so i have to admit i got a little thrill when i ‘pubmedded’ myself and saw the paper. even though i wrote the thesis it was based on over 2 years ago.

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