perspective is everything

December 15, 2004

i’m discouraged and bored and frustrated and angry (at myself) and worried and tired and and and

i can’t wait to be done with the test. it’s just a test, you know. not a Test. it’s not Test Day, it’s january 18th, which happens to be the 9009th day of my life.

i would say i can’t wait for day #9010, but there’s that old and wise saying that goes: ‘don’t wish your life away.’ so i’ll try not to do that.

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  • Reply littlecatholicslut December 16, 2004 at 12:20 am

    that's definitely the philosophy you need to have. i think i only had a total of four and a half weeks to study and by the end, i was doing everything (two gym classes a day, lots of driving around the city, calling everyone i'd ever met, etc) to avoid studying. i think i would have done just as well, if not better, if i had spent more time memorizing first aid (including all the little side bars that i thought weren't important) and less time taking copious, color-coded notes in first aid and doing q-bank. one last piece of advice: underestimate your ideal score. i told everyone i wanted to get a 182 just so i could pass, so when i pulled out the national average at 50 points higher, i was ecstatic! my friends who were convinced that a 270 was the ideal score were miserable when they got the same score that i did. it's all about perspective 🙂

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