it never fails

January 20, 2005

every single time i have some sort of stressful life-event, i end up sick. when i was a kid, i used to come home from sleepovers sick. as i’ve mentioned before, i got shingles (for gods sake, shingles!) after handing in my senior thesis. and i caught the plague last year during pediatrics (well, that wasn’t so stressful, but that illness sucked).

and now, 2 days after finishing my boards, i have some nasty-ass corona-, adeno-, or rhinovirus that is ruining my luscious and well-deserved vacation time.

health is one of those things i take for granted. in fact, just yesterday i was so damn healthy that i was able to bounce around to class, *not* fall asleep during my seminar, and run 6 miles (woohoo, i’m on week 3 of the half-marathon training program!). but then i crashed, my nose started pouring out yellowish nastiness, and my lymph nodes started swelling like those little capsule things you put in water (rebecca, you know what i mean!).

health is great, really underrated. it makes you energetic. it makes you happy. it makes you productive. it allows you to enjoy the simple pleasures in life, like eating and taking showers and watching the real world. and once health is gone, it makes you wish you had a time machine so that you could just skip the days until health returns.

i know, i know, it’s only a cold. but you wouldn’t like it either.

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