some strong sh*t

January 22, 2005

i fainted today! like passed out/hit my head on the floor hard enough to cause a bruise/’what happened?’-fainted. remember how i was sick? well, this morning i felt a lot better. in fact, i was very proud of my immune system. ‘strong work,’ i said, to my t-cells. i got up at 7 am to take a shower, full of excitement because i was no longer sick.

i had taken 2 doses of nyquil to get me through 12 relatively solid hours of curative sleep, one at 7 pm (i was miserable at that point with a fever of 102 and wanted to conk out as fast as possible) and the second at 1 am (when i woke up, because the first dose had probably worn off).

anyway, i don’t know whether to blame the nyquil or lingering virus, but i started to get very dizzy 10 minutes into my shower. i was shampooed, but not yet conditioned, but i realized that i couldn’t continue. i thought i had to throw up, so i dragged myself out of the shower and next to the toilet, but then i didn’t. i decided to stagger over to the bedroom for assistance.

but i didn’t make it. i know i was close, because i woke up just a couple of feet from the door, but i don’t remember the walk over there. and my head hurt, because i guess it banged on the floor when i passed out. josh came out (he was sleeping) to investigate the loud falling-type sound that had just resounded throughout the hallway, and then i woke up from my faint. i don’t think i was ‘out’ for more than 15 seconds, but the whole thing was a bizarre experience.

even with my advanced medical background (um, that’s sarcasm, just so you know), i have no idea what could have caused this. my money is on the nyquil – some sort of rebound hypotension? or not. all i know is that now i’m scared to take it, and it used to be my favorite ever drug. i thought that anything sold over the counter had to be designed so that a 90-year old grandmother could take it without much problem. i may not be very big, but i would have thought my kidneys/liver could handle meds meant for a senior citizen. but maybe not.


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