February 23, 2005

my flow cytometry experiment: a haiku
alternative title: why today sucked.

a lot of hard work
aghh! epi tubes everywhere!
my mentor spilled them.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

seriously, she made one somewhat awkward maneuver (and to think she was trying to help) and before i knew it there were little cell-filled plastic-tubes everywhere. and these tubes were open, because i was still filling them, and enough of them spilled onto the floor that the whole experiment had to be chucked. at least she felt bad. as she should: i was there at 6:30 this morning getting things ready (not she), and i (again, not she) devoted precious weekend hours to the damn thing, too. maybe now she’ll feel compelled to be extra nice to me . . . (or alternatively, leave me alone for gods sake!). that would almost be worth it.

onto a more pleasant topic: the shoes. i am absolutely delighted at the inspired responses i have received, and i think i may have to post such things more often. i’m still a bit undecided (as are the votes!) so i will trek to the mall this weekend to observe the beauties in real, 3-dimensional glory. i am perhaps leaning toward pair #1, but i agree that their somewhat more bronze and less gold nature might give pair #2 the edge. we’ll see.

by the way, if anyone was wondering, ‘why gold?’, i’m actually wearing them in an indian wedding paired with a saree that is turquoise but has gold thread in it, and the fabulous and very fashionable bride advised me to get gold shoes. which, as i said, is awesome, because i wanted some anyway.

off to teach my 4th kaplan class in the last 7 days — somewhat of an overdose. but quite lucrative . . .

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