$73 for free

March 26, 2005

i just dumped off half my wardrobe at a secondhand shop (plato’s closet, if you’re interested in purchasing my rejects, or selling my own), and was rewarded with $73! actually, it wasn’t really half my wardrobe, because if one doesn’t wear something ever, it can hardly be considered wardrobe at all, can it?

i’m trying to slowly rebuild, keeping in mind that

a) if something looks the least bit young or immature on me, i really shouldn’t buy it

b) if something is a little tight, or a little big, or a little whatever (ie, doesn’t fit absolutely perfectly) (exception: things that can be hemmed), i really shouldn’t buy it

c) if something’s on sale and really cheap, but otherwise i wouldn’t be interested in it, i really shouldn’t buy it

i’m not going to go shopping ’til my budget recovers (and until i teach some more kaplan! hooray for the mcat being held twice a year!), but when i do i will make sure to follow my own rules. i may have to print this out and tape it to my credit card, but i’ll try my best.

ps: GO DUKE!

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