miami minibreak

March 31, 2005

lately i’ve fallen into a rut (as if this wasn’t already apparent) of go to class, go to lab, go run, go watch trashy tv (or, as in today’s case, teach kaplan), and go to bed. i’m not even working hard in lab yet at all (hey, i’m ramping up!), so i feel idle and lazy despite it sounding kind of like i’m doing a lot. and i don’t like feeling idle and lazy, unless i’m actually ‘supposed’ to be on vacation.

luckily, this weekend will be different because we’re headed to miami to celebrate josh’s sister’s end-of-bachelorettehood. bridal shower in the am, out with the girls on saturday night — i’m getting used to the routine. although in this case, i’m not sure what to expect. i’ve never really seen the bride get all that wild-and-crazy, really . . . but maybe she’ll suprise me.

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