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May 18, 2005

well, i’m back. from weekend trip number zillion-and-one. actually, this one was pretty special and a lot of fun — i was a bridesmaid in amazing friend anjali’s wedding, and i got to see the whole high school crowd and get my hands hennaed and wear a saree.

the wedding — or actually, weddings — were both elaborate and beautiful. the catholic ceremony was at a local church, and it started at 1 pm; i wore a very pretty (yet bridesmaidy) bridesmaids dress and i cried at the end. thankfully, i got to take that thing off when we got to the second hall (it was constricting my breathing in a scarlett o’hara sort of way) and changed into a this gorgeous turquoise saree with gold threads woven throughout. i thought i looked like a princess until i saw the bride, whose outfit was encrusted with so much gold and jewels that it probably weighed more than she did.

the hindu ceremony was filled with a bunch of rituals that were very interesting and they did a decent job explaining what was going on. it was very family oriented (lots of honoring of the parents and siblings) and much more active than the typical christian or jewish wedding vows (just a few of the things performed on stage: tying a knot around the couple, having the couple light a fire and walk around it, having the couple feed each other sweets). anyway, it was beautiful and interesting.

and the party was incredibly fun. i’ve been to weddings where i just felt drained by the time it was time for dancing, but not this one. i had worried about going too crazy in the saree, but aside from a little disheveled-ness towards the very end of the night, it held up well despite my frenetic activity (unlike a certain dress i wore to another friend’s wedding in december . . .)

well, anyway. i should probably head off to lab. i’m running a marathon in 4 days, and turning 25 in just 2. i’m sure i’ll have much more to blather on about real soon . . .

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