beagle invasion

June 10, 2005

there’s a beagle in my house.

for those of you who know me, the above statement should be somewhat shocking. no, we didn’t get a dog. but we’re dog-sitting. and let me tell you, if all dogs were like this particular beagle, my anti-dog stance (ok, paranoid fear of large dogs and moderate distate for things that smell like dog) would no longer exist. lola (the beagle in my house) is the sweetest, cutest, nicest old beagle that there ever was.

reasons that lola rules:
* she never barks
* she’s sort of slow moving
* she never looks mad
* she is small and cute
* she doesn’t mind if i don’t let her lick me
* she does everything we tell her to
* she is peaceful and nice

yeah. no, this does not mean i want a dog really — mostly because i cannot imagine being lucky enough to get one this nice, and also because i can’t imagine wanting to ever take a dog for walks in the winter. our current home/location isn’t that condusive to dog walking, either — no sidewalks, fast moving cars, really scary antagonistic other dogs that live nearby. i can’t believe i’m admitting this, but maybe, just maybe, somday i will cave in, particularly if we are living at that point in a warm climate (ahem, miami). we’ll just have to see!

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