climbing the corporate ladder

June 3, 2005

ok, i’m excited. kaplan wants to promote me to be their area teacher trainer!! this means more money (always a plus) and it actually sounds really fun. i even get sent away to ft. lauderdale for an all-important summit conference thingy. however, i’m a little nervous. obviously, they haven’t seen me teach a physics class. but see, the beauty in this is, it doesn’t matter.

what i mean is:
could i do well on the mcat if i took it today? i would kickass on bio, probably do well in verbal (hmm – those DO happen to be the two subjects i teach best), but i would be sucking it up bad on the chem/physics section, because all of those equations that i urge my students to ‘commit to memory!!’ have certainly flown out of my head years ago never to return, even as i write them on the board and circle them as crucial mcat knowledge. heh. my biological sciences score would actually suck even though i am a biology princess because hello, obviously i cannot do organic chemistry.

so, what i’m saying is — maybe i can’t DO all those things, but i can teach them. pretty well. most of the time.

and, maybe i don’t even need to be great at teaching to be a great teacher trainer. after all, i’ve seen first hand what works — and what doesn’t.

those that can’t do . . . teach, they say. which is sometimes true, and sometimes not, in my opinion.

those that can sorta do but kinda forget a lot of stuff but have good attitudes and like working with people . . . teach kaplan! well, if they kick me out of lab for sucking at plasmid construction, i’ll know where to turn for a job.


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