not the greatest of ease . . .

July 25, 2005

i attended a very awesome and crazy wedding this weekend. it was ‘Camp’, but no camp i ever attended provided gourmet food, air conditioning, champagne, and the opportunity to learn to trapeze.

the weekend, on high speed playback:

* 12-mile run, bright and early (i knew the long run wasn’t going to happen any other time over the weekend . . . so a necessary evil)
* early afternoon flight to new york city (flight was cancelled, but we got on another flight. a rather boring story, so i’ll stop telling it)
* bus to Camp in kent, connecticut
* avoided near brush with death in thunderstorm (well, that’s how it felt to me, anyway)
* tons of food and some lovely red wine
* color war underway
* campfire
* crash into bed

* trapeze! yes, it’s high. yes, it’s fast. no, i wasn’t particularly good at it. but it was really fun. and now i’m really sore (never would have expected that, but oh well.)
* color war relay
* more trapeze
* greek feast and more lovely red wine, with toasts to the couple
* camp play
* dancing and performance of a rather terrible rendition of polyester bride by moi (poor post-wine decision)

* trapeze performance (ha)
* actual wedding
* bus back to airport
* flight back to durham
* mega-crash on couch

i need a vacation from that vacation, but it was pretty fabulous. unfortunately, there will be no trapeze at our wedding. probably not, anyway.

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