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August 22, 2005

i had a superfun weekend with the 5 gorgeous babes known (sometimes) as the mad bitches. we covered all the bases. shopping? check! [1 pair of black capris, 1 sort-of-unusual tan skirt, 1 very cute cosmetics case, assorted unnecessary stationary, and a fabulous present for my sister, if anyone cares]. margaritas? check! creme brulee? check! lots of girl-talk (with very little man-bashing, actually — we’re not that kind of bitches)? check!

josh was home alone, but he managed at least one man-date in my absence. i missed him. he started on the wards today — the Surgical Intensive Care Unit (ie, SICU). some md/phds feel wistful about not going back. i don’t at all. good thing i don’t have to, for a very long time.

i’m almost finished with the crazy-weekend cycle, which makes me happy. i am NOT pleased the upcoming weekend will be lost to this stupid ethics retreat where i’m getting dragged to beaufort (coastal nc 4 freakin’ hours away) with a bunch of overeager 1st years to talk about ethics all day. oh well.

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