mb part 2

August 19, 2005

it’s been almost a full year since the last mad bitch reunion. this time, instead of invading my territory, we’re convening at vickie‘s lovely abode in exotic charlottesville, va. i guess the southest’s allure is underrated; you’d think that with people residing in cities like san francisco, new york, and boston, we’d actually go to exciting places like that. maybe we’re saving those destinations for later.

it’s going to be very girly and fun. i’m prepared for a lot of shopping, some raspberry stoli (of course), and a lot of catching up. i am hoping that someday we’ll do a full-fledged week somewhere fun, although only if we could bring boys along. 7 days of all estrogen/all the time might be more than this XX can handle.

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ps: if anyone is nerdy enough to care about the state of my experiments with yesterday’s power failure, don’t worry. i was able to do everything i needed to, though i had to pipet by mouth instead of vacuum aspirate (just kidding, i used a hand thingy. i haven’t tasted media yet and i hope i never will).


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