yeah, it’s early

August 24, 2005

i’m trying to get on this new *earlier* schedule so that:

a) i’m more in sync with josh, who has to get up super-early for his SICU rotation

b) i maximize productivity by either getting my running out of the way and/or going into lab early.

basically, i’m trying to embrace my morning-person phenotype by making the morning longer and the night shorter. we’ll see how long this lasts.

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can i just say how much seeing all the ‘back to school!’ stuff makes me want to run out and go shopping for everything in sight? i think i’m wired to expect a new wardrobe of fall clothing and some shiny new shoes each september — ooh and also lots of new stationery supplies — and i don’t think these expectations are ever going to fade. i used to obsess over my yearly pair of white leather keds, nestled pristinely in their box until Day 1 when they were allowed to be unveiled to the masses in elementary school. i would try them on daily (hell, probably more than that, really). i also used to get a pair of ‘school shoes’ (these nasty loafer-looking things) but i didn’t really care about those. it was alllll about the keds. although this year it’s alllll about the boots. god, i love september. when i was a kid, i used to pretend like i didn’t want to go back, but i was so lying.

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