you say goodbye / and i’ll say hello

September 26, 2005

obviously, i’ve been sort of anti-blogging for a while. and about 30 seconds ago, i was preparing to write some sort of ‘farewell’ post, because i feel terrible just leaving everyone hanging, you know, because i KNOW everyone still desperately checks this thing every day, hoping that i will re-emerge from the depths of blogging silence.

(i know that probably no one reads this anymore but me. and my mom. and my sister. and sometimes josh.)

but then the blogger screen popped up, and i just couldn’t do it. say goodbye, i mean. in fact, i just realized that i’ve really missed documenting the trials and tribulations (and minor victories) of my small insignificant (if you take a global view of things) existence.

so, no farewell. i just can’t do it. and i swear, i’ll have something of *real* value to say, really soon.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

things i have been doing but not writing about:

1. getting rather motivated in lab. and interested. not making much in the way of PROGRESS, per se, but maybe it’s just too slow to see with the naked eye.

2. teaching/training the wazoo out of kaplan. and liking it.

3. lying awake at night worrying about things like this

4. considering my latest new career idea: a half-time residency. do i really want to be someone else’s bitch for SIX years? apparently i do, if it means not working 80 hours per week when i want to be producing and caring for my (multiple) offspring

5. shopping: high brown boots that are trendy and ridiculous and fabulous, an emerald green preppy-but-cute cable-knit sweater, a gray blazer that apparently makes me look more 26 than 16, and new running shoes (brooks glycerin 4, if anyone was wondering)

6. running 50 miles per week in preparation for the philadelphia marathon in november

ok, i must go set up the ultimate couch conformation for desperate housewives, which starts in just 37 minutes (!).


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