leave of absence

December 19, 2005

i’m so over being at work right now. it’s so funny — i was just thinking yesterday how it was amazing that i’m not super-burned-out-and-unfocused like i usually get right before vacations, but now i am definitely super-SUPER-burned-out-and-unfocused.

oh well.

i’m working on the whole slowing-down thing. it’s not so easy. especially now, when my neurons feel like a family of flies buzzing around in a rotting pumpkin.


in other news: i think i’m going for an iBook rather than the punchy-but-pricey Power. i just need to wait until the january mac conference is over so that i can see what new things are rolling out (and which prices will be cut back!). i don’t need all that power, really, to run excel and powerpoint (and blogger). plus, the white color scheme better matches my iPod. yeah!

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