live from the hotel rouge

December 28, 2005

. . . coming at you from a hotel with leopard-print carpet in the hallways and a very red interior design scheme in the heart of dc! we got upgraded to a huge room with a computer because the guy who checked us in thought we were frequent guests based on my (shockingly common) full name. apparently, there is SOME chick out there who did us a nice favor.

in other news: room service is the best.

anyway. so yesterday was spent cleaning out my childhood room — my parents are finally going to clear that baby out and create an actual guest room rather than a time capsule. among tons of photos, bad 80s clothes, and very embarrassing pieces of jewelry, i found about a million half-filled pads/diaries/notebooks filled with the most inane babble . . . kind of like this blog! i kind of realized that this habit is nothing new; i’ve been dumping out my thoughts/dreams/aspirations/snarky criticism onto pages (virtual or real) for YEARS. probably good that i wasn’t able to go public before: i hate to think that the whole world could have looked into my tormented (and boy-crazy) soul at age 15. although who knows what i (or my kids) will think of these ramblings in 10 years . . .

the rest of the day:

* spy museum!
* hang out with josh’s old boss (and friend) in bethesda
* drive to durham

i also may sense some barbeque in our future . . .

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