well, it was nice while it lasted

February 11, 2006

so for the longest time, we had cable. and we didn’t pay for it. we didn’t set this up purposely, or ask for it, but it was there, so we watched it. quite a bit. and we were happy.

and now it’s gone.

we got a lovely form letter from time warner describing the ‘audit’ of our area, and an offer to start, you know, actually paying for the service if we wanted to continue watching america’s next top model and duke basketball games and vh1 celebreality in the future.

because we want to see what cable truly is worth to us, we’ve decided to test ourselves to see if we can actually last without it. this test will last 1 month (although last night, we were considering shortening it to 2 weeks, which seems like an ominous sign as to what the results will be). i personally do not think we will make it through this test without one of us begging for mercy (and ESPN), but josh is optimistic. and still, i have a feeling march madness might actually drive him mad if he can’t actually watch it.

so we’ll see.

[oddly, we still get the food network, and home-and-garden tv. and that’s it. apparently rachael ray is determined to penetrate this house whether we deserve it or not. i would prefer vh1, but i’ll take what i can get at this point.]


in other news

1. kaplan is no more! so it’s so long to late nights, stress about fitting 9,935 things into one day, lack of sleep, and some considerable supplemental income. bring out the (low-budget) champagne!

2. lab is actually going well! i might have stumbled into discovering something fairly exciting and publishable — hooray! although i’m starting to become more and more aware every day that my prelims loom in the not-so-far future. oh well.

3. i slept approximately 11 hours last night. dreams included being on TLC reality shows with karl kastle and helping a pregnant woman (asian, and it was her 3rd baby) to the hospital in a thunderstorm. if anyone knows what these could mean, please let me know.

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