September 13, 2006

– leg ulcer clinic at the VA
– dermpath at the VA (sorry, vickie, i can’t make heads or tails of the pink and blue dots and i can’t convince myself to care — that’s what the reports are for!)
– having to be at work at 7:30 today
– having to put together a 10 minute presentation when i just don’t FEEL LIKE IT
– the smell of the VA
– the sucky elevators in the VA
– the fact that some crazy guy in the VA elevators tried to sell me vitamins all the way up to the 9th floor

– seeing my own labs (in the VA computer from a needle stick that occurred 2 years ago) and finding out i have a hemoglobin of 14.5 and a hematocrit of 42. for some reason, i am very proud of this.
– ok, fine, so i left work today at 3:45. i suppose the 7:30 wasn’t all that bad after all. but still!
– the mail came and my 2007 planner came (i know, i am a LOSEUR) and it’s cute and also so did my US weekly. yeah!


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