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September 23, 2006

life does come at you fast.* you know, the insurance company? they’re on your side, and all that? whatever.

assorted updates and an unusually large amount of undirected blathering:

1. pediatric endocrinology is so much fun. i really really love it, from the patients to the problems to the workups to the clinicians. patient issues go from the mundane (diabetes check-up) to the obscure (von-hippel lindau with bilateral pheochromocytomas!) but i am having fun with all of it. not to mention: NO procedures, very FEW emergencies, and a whole lot of thinking and sending off labs and talking to the patients. and, STUFF MAKES SENSE! seriously! most of the time, it really really does, and that makes me happy. career-wise, it will all come to fruition in just, oh, 6.5 years! sweet.

2. i have to make a stupid poster to present at ‘research day’ on monday and i really don’t want to do it. i am going to be one of those slackers who didn’t actually take the time to make and print out a full sized display but just prints out like 16 8.5″ x 11″ sheets of paper and tacks them up on the wall in one big rectangle to impersonate a poster. i think my issue is that i hate loose ends, hate ‘going back’ to what was already wrapped up and kicked to the curb, and i am mentally through with the research that i did — it feels like forever ago. plus, my results are a sad and despressing dead end. but at least it gives me something to do this saturday night while josh is away! (um, insert ‘sarcastic’ emoticon here).

3. there’s nothing like a clean house and organized list of stuff to do to make me feel really really happy and together. i actually swept the floor and vacuumed for the first time in — probably years. we’re not quite as disgusting as that sounds, because those are usually josh-jobs. our typical division of labor:

me: dishes, laundry, grocery shopping, cooking
josh: trash-taking-out, anything involving cleaning of a surface (ie, tables, kitchen counters, sweeping, vaccuuming), and anything outside

i’m sure everyone wanted to know that.

4. i start my hardcore marathon training on monday. the plan i am using peaks at (eek) 70 miles/week. it *starts* at 53 miles per week. i am attempting it now because i’ll probably never have this much free time again, and i would like to start attempting to qualify for the boston marathon. i’m guessing i have two shots left (this january and then may-june) before i will have to table that project for at least a decade, so i figure i better aim high while i can.

*they’re not really on your side, though. that’s not really what capitalism is all about.


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