December 27, 2006

i do this every year, and i’m not sure how much real personal growth takes place each time i do it, but i enjoy the process. i think today we’ll just have a look back at last year’s 16 (!) resolutions to see how i did. i have to admit, i’m a little nervous . . .

1. slow down. still working on this one, but at least i’m working on it and aware of my overly hurried nature at times. i think i am making progress, but i guess it will be a continued project. the truth is that by the time i am in sync with the rest of north carolina, i’ll have moved to miami.

2. take calcium. yeah, that happened for maybe a week. i am carrying the delusion instead that my running (weight-bearing!) will prevent me from ever getting osteoporosis despite various risk-factors. that, and my predeliction for calcium-filled yogurt, cheese, and ice cream sandwiches.

3. keep more careful track of finances and stick to some sort of budget. no real budget here, but maybe we’ve been a little more disciplined about this than in the past. somehow, being married has made it no longer okay to blow money on random presents for myself. we’ll just see how long that lasts . . .

4. plan ahead each week to make good, cost-effective, and healthy dinners. actually, i am really good at this these days. i cut out recipes, make lists, and cook many nights (and many other nights are leftovers). we still eat out probably twice/week, but i really enjoy it and we just try to keep those nights reasonable. so, success here!

5. make packed lunches for josh & me. well, this turned out to be a bust because josh gets free lunch at work and therefore it is more cost-effective NOT to make him anything. i always pack stuff for myself, when i actually go to work for an entire day, which is a serious rarity lately.

6. lift weights / revisit yoga / ie, do something to actually build some muscle. i was good about this for about 3 weeks and then quit again. i ended up embarking on a fairly high-mileage training plan for my january marathon, and there wasn’t room for much else. i have no good excuses for the rest of the year. i am going to try to be better about balancing running with these other things in 2007. maybe.

7. send deserving mad bitches late xmas/holiday/whateva gifts. yes, this one was accomplished AND i’ve already ordered gifts for this year, but they are going to be late again. hey, it’s tradition!

8. relax more. for serious. about everything. still working on this one. resolutions that go entirely against ones nature are challenging.

9. watch tv only purposefully. ie, if i want to watch show X, then i can watch it. if i’m just turning the damn thing on to make background noise, then no. unless i’m folding laundry; then it doesn’t count. i did fabulously with this one mainly because we stopped getting cable early this year. but now we have it again, and i have sort of fallen off the wagon. but i sort of have enough time to waste, so i’m not terribly upset about it. and VH1 celebrity trash is awesome.

10. keep up this blog! and maybe a return to some of the spinoffs . . . again, um, i’m working on it.

11. continue to run without stressing about improvement (or lack thereof). specific goals: nashville marathon on april 29, some speed-focused training through the summer, and maybe the kiawah island marathon in december. we’ll see. well, my plans changed. however, i definitely consider this year a running success, though i still concern myself too much with improvement (again: it’s hard to fight nature). i ran PRs (personal records) in a half-marathon in march, the cincinnati marathon in may, and a 5K in september. i’m hoping to continue this trend in miami, but we’ll find out in 2007.

12. hang out with rebecca more!!! i think we did hang out more this year, but lately it’s been sparse. REBECCA, YOU CAN CALL ME TOO, YOU KNOW!!!

13. keep my #$*(&@# cell phone charged. i have actually entirely reformed on this one! it may be my greatest achievement of 2006!

14. explore new movies/music/books movies: yes; music: somewhat; books: not so much.

15. read at least 1 scientific paper/day, unless on vacation ahh, how times have changed . . . now, instead of reading and thinking, i read and memorize! thank you, USMLE! (

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