alphabet soup

January 14, 2007

random, but i can never resist doing these, because i am a total cheeseball. the end.

A-Available or Single? married!
B-Best Friend? the one who i am married to, even though he is currently playing a computer game and making really ridiculous sound effects
C-Cake or Pie? pumpkin pie. or cheesecake.
D-Drink of choice? AM: black coffee; PM: a crisp sauvignon blanc. or champagne.
E- Essential Item? my watch. i like to be on schedule.
F-Favorite color? blue, green, or somewhere in between.
G-Gummi Bears or worms? bears, i suppose
H-Hometown? where i grew up: havertown, PA. current home: durham, NC.
I-Indulgence? sleep. a LOT of sleep.
J-January or February? january. i like starting new years.
K-Kids & names? cara, lily, and josh gets to pick the boy’s name.
L-Life is incomplete without? running. argh.
M-Marriage Date? 5.27.06!
N-Number of siblings? 1, rebecca, age 24, ex-blogger.
O-Oranges or Apples? apples, always. gala, preferably.
P-Phobias/Fears? thunderstorms/lightning! but i think i’ve gotten better than i used to be.
Q-Favorite Quote “perspective is everything”, aimee mann.
R-Reason to smile? josh is finally on vacation and i will get to see him awake for more than an hour a day
S-Season? spring
T-Tag three people: nah.
U-Unknown fact about me: thanks to this blog and my big mouth, i think everyone pretty much knows everything about me.
V-Veggie I hate: i really can’t think of one. does cilantro count?
W-Worst Habit? whining, dwelling on things i can’t control (:cough:myfoot:cough:)
X-X-rays you’ve had? chest, hand (back handspring into table –> broken thumb), teeth
Y-Your favorite food? i have many. but as a daily standby, i guess i’d say peanut butter (smuckers natural ONLY!)
Z-Zodiac? taurus (barely).


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