lance got it backwards.

February 1, 2007

he declared (with a touch of completely uncharacteristic humility) after the new york marathon that it was ‘the hardest thing he’s ever done.’ runners everywhere were puffed full of pride — a little ol’ marathon? harder than the TOUR DE FRANCE? wow.

but there is no question which activity — running vs. biking — is easier for me. while I’m not going to scoff at a set of 5K-paced 800m intervals, i can have a relatively easy time of it on an average run. or at least this was true 3.5 weeks ago, when my tendon had yet to decide to quit on me. biking, however, is no joke. for me, there is such a fine line between ‘i’m not getting any workout’ and ‘please, let the agony stop!’

and as i learned yesterday at my first session — spinning class IS ALL AGONY. i think i had the longest-seeming 60 minutes of my life. that innocent-looking machine is BRUTAL! there was a burn involved that is nothing like any sensation that occurs in running. i felt entirely untrained and deconditioned — didn’t all of those miles on the treadmill and road count for something?

anyway, i liked it, once it was over. and i’m totally going back.

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