now that i have my life back

September 5, 2007

a list of things to do this month

1. get enough sleep on a daily basis
2. read something about pediatrics for at least 30 minutes a day
3. acquaint myself with the new albums on my nano
4. finish harry potter 7
5. enjoy running my first race in forever (a year!?), and continue training for my half marathon
6. get to know some of the other peds interns better (i’m starting a dinner party club. yes, i realize this makes me sound like a 50 year old who shops at talbots, but i don’t really care).
7. spend some time with josh with his pager OFF
8. see some more good movies
9. do some more yoga (maybe attend a class?)
10. appreciate each and every day that i am well-rested, get to work with basically-well kids all day, and have NO call.

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