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July 23, 2008

i rushed through pulmonary clinic yesterday. i didn’t really zoom through the patient encounters, but when it was time to dictate and all i had was a pile of barely-written on notes and vague memories of what we actually did for each patient, i realized that i had been doing a less-than thorough job. getting a good background on each case, taking time to document everything immediately after the encounter, and writing out specific patient instructions are things that are important and definitely not worth skimping on just to hurry up and see the next patient. i don’t know what gets into me — i think that sometimes, my diehard quest for efficiency gets in the way of doing my best job. and no one wins in that situation.

the funny thing is that this kind of whirlwind style gets praised and reinforced. attendings will say things like, “you are a machine!”. but when i sit there afterwards with the chart not able to remember whether we upped the flovent or switched to QVAR, it’s evident that i need to slow down. and if this slows the flow, and the attending or NPs have to get up out of their seats and see some patients on their own, oh well. we will all survive.

i’m off to the gym early this morning as i am craving a run. plus, maybe the endorphins will help me chillax a little.



workout: 40 minute yoga dvd. i was on the way to the gym after work but just wasn’t feeling it, so i decided to go home and do something different. i have the sara ivanhoe crunch yoga workout and while it is cheesy, i really like it. it was a nice change and relaxing after work.

reading: 30 minutes on bronchopulmonary dysplasia.

cooking: another recipe-less classic — the ‘make your own mexican extravaganza’. i just grilled some chicken (using a grill pan on the stove), sauteed onions & red pepper, cut up some avocado, and shredded some cheddar, and served all of the above with tortillas and salsa. i always tend to assemble a concoction way too stuffed to stay rolled up and just eat it like a salad. the best part is that i have a great mexican leftover lunch waiting for me today!

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  • Reply Jessica March 10, 2019 at 7:30 pm

    Weird! I just blogged about yoga. Did Rodney Yee’s Yoga Burn DVD yesterday.

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