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September 20, 2008

☆ call ☆
aaaaaand it’s another call day! i actually don’t think saturday calls are that bad as long as you get friday before or monday after off to create some sort of ‘weekend’ feeling. i had a completely chill day yesterday and as a result, i feel rested and ready for action! the funny thing about q4 (every 4th night) call is that recovery really does occur — it’s just that by the time it does, you’re already on call again. but it’s definitely a better feeling to be going in with awake with some fresh energy to burn. BRING ON THE ASTHMATICS AND FEBRILE NEWBORNS!

❀ re: yesterday’s graphics ❀
i responded in the comments as well, but i wanted to clarify that those pie graphs yesterday were not meant to be truly to scale, just more of a ‘feeling’ of the space things take up in life. in reality, anonymous #1 is quite right that i would need sleep to be AT LEAST a third of my living hours. judging from the fact that i slept 11 hours without an alarm yesterday, in reality i probably would need an even heftier slice.

and anonymous #2: you are also completely right — about the sleep, and about the fact that many americans spend a very large percentage of their waking hours at work or doing things related to work. i promise you i am not lazy and i like to work hard, but i have to admit that a 40 hr/week job sounds like heaven to me, and that is actually less than 25% of the hours available in one week (there are 168!). that said, my pie also wasn’t based on any sort of reality, and the truth is that once i advance my career to a place where i will have more control over my hours, there will likely be babies and toddlers running around commandeering a VERY large (and rightfully so) piece of the pie. and i’m cool with that (and actually, rather excited for that time in life to come.)

♥ run ♥
i really did absolutely love my hilly run outside yesterday. it gave me such great energy and made me realize that i really do prefer the roads to the treadmill. i wish there was some way of fitting in runs in the morning before work without having to do them in the dark! it would be so convenient to just leave from my doorstep and awesome to have that lovely energetic feeling all day. would i be safe if i wore a lamp or something? i am pretty sure josh would not be a fan of the idea (for safety reasons) but maybe i am being overcautious. as an aside, my polar monitor worked absolutely perfectly – i mapped out a route that was 5.99 miles and that’s EXACTLY what the thing said as i cruised back into my apartment complex at the end of the run.

ok, off to greet the day . . . and hopefully not TOO many kids waiting for us down in the ER!



workout: the aforementioned very hilly 6 mile run. i now know why this town isn’t called ‘chapel flats’ or ‘chapel plains’! my pace was 9:35/mi but probably wasn’t really quite that slow (when i stop at traffic lights, i don’t turn off the polar, and there were a few along my route). i definitely need to do more hill training, but somehow i am looking forward to it!

cooking: no. but i did treat myself to my favorite: tcby vanilla frozen yogurt with reese’s pieces on top. YUM. it was just that kind of day.

reading: none of the academic variety, but i did make a huge dent in owen meany. i might actually get to finish it before the month is over!


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