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September 6, 2008

i know, i know — she’s not even a hurricane, just a tropical storm at this point. but i am still not looking forward to driving in a deluge this morning! at least i’ll have a valid excuse if i’m a little late for work. i’m both intern and resident today, as my intern has the day off (mine is tomorrow), so i really do need to be there. hopefully it won’t be too long of a day — i am excited for my almost-weekend to start this afternoon!

call on thursday went well (!!). it is definitely more pleasant being a senior compared to an intern (so many fewer pages!). one of our kids spiked and required culturing, and so i helped my intern do her first venipuncture (she has done a lot of arterial sticks on babies but hadn’t stuck an older kid yet) — and even though it is a small thing, it felt like such a victory when i helped her set everything up and she got it in one stick! and unlike last year, i got to spend some time actually looking at articles to learn about our patients, and really felt like i was running the show creating overnight plans on them as they came in.

i can’t believe i’m saying this, but it was fun. we admitted 6 patients — a not-crazy, but not-insubstantial load — and no one expired (or came close).

and i even got 2 1-hour pockets of sleep out of the deal.

plans for the day
• work — 7 – around noon, hopefully. as long as it is a quiet day, i plan on dictating our two discharges from yesterday as a pleasant surprise for my intern. i used to love it if a senior helped me out like that!
• run @ hospital gym — interval workout
• yoga this afternoon
• maybe see pineapple express vs. lie around reading with josh
• probably out for dinner



post-call run: nope. something about the upcoming storm sort of washed away my motivation. i think i have started to think like most north carolineans do about weather, which means that if something bad is forecasted, one should not leave the house for any reason other than to go to the grocery store and buy everything they have. also, one should talk about the forecasted weather ALL THE TIME, before, during, and after it occurs. today i will get back into my running routine!

reading: nothing yesterday, but some good on-call literature searching and investigation on bacterial gastoenteritis, oral vs. IV steroids for asthma, and the side effects of pulmozyme in cystic fibrosis.

overall attitude on call: 90 million times better than last month. hooray!


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